About Thaayagam

Excited by experiencing the naturalness and purity of the Vintage Indian foods, born is the enterprise Thaayagam Sprouts produces supernatural foods that are home grown. Catering all over India, USA and Australia Thaayagam Sprouts continues to maintain its quality and freshness on all products. It is now to cater the internet shoppers, we have an online portal through which customers can enjoy buying at their doorstep (Delivered at home!)


Be it a raw veg salad or a fully cooked curry, you can experience the greenness in flavor on every chew. Because, we imbibe freshness in every seed. The extensive collection of 18 varieties of sprouts that are rich in vitamins and minerals, first of its kind products with an unmatched nutrition profile, can change the health, wellness and nutrition industry forever. 


We deal with fresh living sprouts that are carefully grown and harvested in-house at our state-of-art facility. These are premium choices for a raw dressup on salads or for a vibrant spice loaded curry.

Image by Liza Holiarchuk